[How To] Play Starcraft 2 LAN Online Using Starfriend 0.44 (Tunngle Optional, No BS)

***Read Below*** 8-23-11: New starfriend update 0.58: www.battle4sc2.com Easy to remember URL: tinyurl.com There is a solution to convert English installed versions of SC2 to the Chinese version. See link here: darkblizz.org Quick and dirty text tutorial: 1) If you want to use tunngle, then go to www.tunngle.net and download the latest version. Download, install, and register for an account. 2) After you log in, go to the Starcraft 2 game room. There you ask if someone is hosting, or let others know you are hosting and they join you. More specific details on hosting and joining is below. Looking to convert your English game to TW? See tutorial below sc2.lancraftwc3.com Assuming you got all the files and patched (see video) ****************** How to Host Starcraft 2 game: 1) In the “config.ini” file in the main Starcraft 2 folder, make sure “ip=″. 2) Go to the Server folder and run the Server_0.44.exe file. 3) Start up Starcraft 2. For login, it is a variation of “sc2c@dark.blizzz”, and password is “gg”. When I say variation, you can make “rooms” like 123.sc2c@dark.blizzz, or versatile.sc2c@dark.blizzz. Make sure ALL players use the same login name and password. 4) Select your custom map. As your friends login, they will show in the buddy list. Right click their name and invite them to your game. 5) Setup your game options, then play! How to Join Starcraft 2 game: 1) In the “config.ini” file in the main Starcraft 2 folder, make sure “ip=” field has the ip address
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  1. BRIDLIY says:

    Versiatle, There is 0.58 now.. No lags and supports 2v2 & all Langagues.. put link.

  2. begmate says:

    ok let say i dl from your link and all that other crap is there a way to play the eng verzion of the game cuse i dont know the chineze or whatever is this
    sorry my eng is suck but plzz anser me :D

  3. gamedexterity says:

    @piciupitik I don’t see any of the private torrents (especially the really old school stuff) leaking to the public. The only way something in private goes public is if one of the private members takes the stuff and leaks it to the public. – Versatile

  4. gamedexterity says:

    @tydougandrene Simple. Is the host HOSTING? Ask him. -Versatile

  5. tydougandrene says:

    Why does mine say Battle.net connection lost when I try to login

  6. piciupitik says:

    @gamedexterity what is private can be only private, but what is public can be private too. And in todays days nothing is public/private

  7. blankopus says:

    thank you so much for this video!!!!

  8. gamedexterity says:

    @piciupitik Private torrent sites are just that, I’m part of one as well (for educational purposes). What stays in private, remains in private. Never goes to public domain, because its supposed to be kept in those private groups. – Versatile

  9. gamedexterity says:

    @Maskyt There are more important things to worry about in life than a population limit bug. The fix? The game screams at you to build more overlords…etc, so just build a crap load of them or supply depots or pylons, and life is good. If you got that big of an army, you are not using your forces well enough to attack the enemy. xD – Versatile

  10. Maskyt says:

    @gamedexterity Oh, btw…. there is a bug on the population limit. when you have over 100 you cannot see what is your current limit for ex: you have 120/140, but it says 120/1… the font is different and it does not have enough space…:(

  11. piciupitik says:

    @gamedexterity of course this would be on a private one… and don’t worry… just contact an someone who can take the iso file from you using maybe a memory stick…. and it will spread like a virus on the internet where are not anti-vir. I might know someone who can help you. you have my id. I think I sent it via Maskyt.

  12. gamedexterity says:

    @maicatai Just get the chinese version of the game and be done with it. – Versatile

  13. gamedexterity says:

    @piciupitik You do realize this torrent is on all the public trackers right? I am not willing to put my neck out on the line, to seed this and have the BSAA come get me. Granted, if it was a private torrent site, then I’m good with that. – Versatile

  14. gamedexterity says:

    @LiToNell84 I did 4vs4 ai. I never got enough people for true 4v4. – Versatile

  15. barneythefatdinosaur says:

    The error in Chinese says, “Unable to execute the update. This patch requires the traditional Chinese version of the game. The current installation is the English (EU) version.” Not sure what to make of it as I don’t have the game nor do I have tried this LAN hack. Though do check to see if your game is in Chinese.

  16. LiToNell84 says:

    is posible play 4v4 ?

  17. maicatai says:

    I get an error when i try to update the game ????????
    ???????????”????”???????????”?? (EU) “???

  18. piciupitik says:

    @gamedexterity well, because you have low bandwidth it doesn’t means that you cannot upload it. If you abort the upload on 50% it will continues next time you start it. and because there are many users who will put this torrent on their seedbox with much more speed. For my infernal speed I had to stay after blizzard to download it… and the torrents are using all your bandwidth, and it will spread on over all the trackers

  19. gamedexterity says:

    @credentz Duh, who is the host? – Versatile

  20. gamedexterity says:

    @Maskyt I let it sit overnight, but I got it. – Versatile

  21. gamedexterity says:

    @Ath3nna3 You got to install a separate copy. Forums say there is a way to make it coexist, but you are best to check those instructions. – Versatile

  22. gamedexterity says:

    @piciupitik “Little” 9GB iso is NOT little. Where am I going to upload such a monster? Why I got to waste my bandwidith only to have the links killed so quickly? -Versatile

  23. gamedexterity says:

    @piciupitik It’s like bacon. Sometimes you need to do some work cooking the bacon in order to enjoy nom nom noming it. ~MoNeYINPHX~

  24. piciupitik says:

    @gamedexterity you can help hundreds of people if you make a little .iso file and give it to the hands of an uploader of tor3nt. too much to download so many files

  25. Maskyt says:

    @TontosWeonesExtreme you can download the english audio from his forum and coppy/paste them
    the game version is chinesse, but the sound are english

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